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What info do I need to provide to get started? 2018-03-28T14:05:13+00:00

Here is a list of info that we will need from you the promoter to get started with your Registration:

• URL to your website

• Date of the Event

• Any Legal Disclaimer that you want added to your registration that is specific to your event

• Copy of your existing registration form with all classes you would like to offer

• Your PayPal email

• New registration notification email

What is the cost of the NPC Event Registration service? 2018-04-03T21:26:41+00:00

The cost for this service will be $350.00 per year/per show. This will include all setup and processing your initial request to an operational status. This is an annual fee. So each year the renewal will be the same cost of $350.00 per year/per show.

How will subscription service work per year? 2018-04-03T21:27:16+00:00

Your subscription service is on a “per-show basis”. This means that if you have multiple shows that you promote, your subscription cost will be per NPC show. Your subscription service must be paid for (in full) in advance to access registration service. Your service will be on an annual subscription rate. So each year, you will need to renew your service to continue the use of the NPC Event Registration system.

How is this software going to help my contest? 2018-03-28T11:22:43+00:00

Todays generation of up-coming athletes live in a DIGITAL WORLD. They EXPECT information to be provided to them in an easy, convenient, and secure manner. Our software platform takes the frustrating issues that come about from other online registration attempts and minimizes then down to relatively none. We have taken the guess-work out of the process and stream-lined the process to account for user error. Bottom-Line: The easier you make the process for your competitors, the more sig-ups you will get. When people feel unsure of a process, they are less likely to sign-up.

Will this help me with my check-in process? 2018-03-28T11:27:39+00:00

Most definitely! No more bottle-necking lines at your weigh-in process having your competitors filling out hand-written forms when they are nervous, depleted and tired. For all those that use this software process for your online check-out system, this will allow them to conveniently come in, submit their name, you verify their status on your data sheet that is provided to you, and finish them through quickly. This will be a great time-saver for both you and your competitors making the over-all experience a better success for everyone.

How will I get my funds for each competitor that signs up online? 2018-03-28T11:32:48+00:00

Very simply. You will set-up a PayPal account in your own name. This account will be setup to deposit funds to your personal bank account. This PayPal account will have an access code that we will apply to your specific registration form that will process ALL registration funds collected to your PayPal account. We will not have ANY access to your personal info regarding your PayPal account. All we will have is the directional link to point all funds processed to your desired PayPal account. Once all funds are in your PayPal account, you can (at your convenience) transfer the funds directly from your PayPal account to your personal bank account.

Couldn’t I do the same process on my contest site and not have to use this service? 2018-03-28T11:44:31+00:00

Of course you can! But you need to understand all that actually needs to go into it in order to commit to this process first.

• First, you will have to find a software that already exists to apply all your categories and check-out requests to (doesn’t exist).

• Or you have to pay a programmer to develop your own registration system (VERY costly and time consuming).

• Then you have to, get what is called, an SSL certificate and payment gateway solution added to your site. There are monthly and annual fees associated with this process. Your website will not work without it. (we have already done all that and have covered the cost in our one-stop comprehensive registration website)

• Make sure to consider that you will have an ongoing software rent and payment processing fee applied annually just to run this software on your website. So you will always be charged that fee regardless each year you run your show. (We have it covered in your subscription service)

• If you are willing to do ALL of that (and trust me, it is a lot), then, yes, you can have exactly what we have right here.
(Or you can use our service and save the time and headache by letting us worry about that for you. That way, you can focus on promoting your show) – THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

How will my competitors access my registration page? 2018-04-03T21:28:06+00:00

We make this very simple. We supply you a graphic that you will upload to your website where you want it to be seen. Then you will link that image to the website link that we give you. This link is a direct portal to your contest registration page. Once your competitor clicks the link form your website, they will be instantly transported to the NPC Event Registration website to complete their checkout on YOUR contest registration page.

If you have the ability to upload an image to your site and apply a link to it, then you can do this process. It is super simple. (If you still need help, we could help you with this process.)

How will I know when someone has signed up for my show? 2018-03-28T14:03:47+00:00

Once a competitor has signed up for your show, you and the competitor will receive an email confirmation. We will setup your email notification to an email address of your choice so you can know instantly when you get a registration. In fact, the email you and the competitor will receive will contain all their info as well as what classes they entered and confirmation of how much they have paid. You will also get a PayPal confirmation receipt of the funds collected to your PayPal account per registration. This allows you the ability to confirm your competitor list instantly. As well as allowing your competitor to have a receipt of their entry to provide as proof during weigh-ins.

Will there be any way for me to collect all the data gathered for the score keeper? 2018-03-28T12:00:02+00:00

Yes. As part of your package, we will gather all data collected to an electronic file that your data person/score keeper will need to enter into their system prior the event. We will provide this to you in the form of an Excel file that will be emailed to you by the Wednesday (4 days) before your event. That way you can send that file to your data person for entry before they show up for weigh-ins on Friday. This will really speed up the process and allow for quick edits if needed.

What is the timeframe of the registration service? 2018-03-28T12:08:29+00:00

Once your payment is confirmed for your subscription service, we account for up to a 5 business day turn-around to build your registration profile, enter all your classes and get your registration link to you. Please note: You will have to already have your PayPal account setup and API credentials ready for us to access and setup your payment solution.

Once your profile has been built and setup properly, you will have a live access, from your website, available for your competitors to start registering for the event. All service will terminate the Wednesday (4 days) prior to your event day. All other registration will be processed at weigh-ins as “walk-up registration”. This allows for the data person to have an accurate pre-registered list and avoid last minute online entry confusion if someone signs up online just before weigh-ins and you don’t have access to retrieve digital confirmation proof.

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