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Events, Classes, Weights

Use our software to split up your event in to easy to understand classes and weight groups. Integrated pricing allows you to price these options at different levels, or price them all the same. Let your competitor choose from different options or classes per your event. With our system there can be no mistakes or errors of adding too many classes or multiple within the same class.

Manage your event with tables

Download your data via CSV, XLS, or PDF. Feel free to speak with us about getting your data in other versions as well. Manage your entire event through tables!


Whether it be legal or otherwise, our software allows for multiple disclaimers to be shown on the Registration page. Furthermore, you can add a checklist for what the registrant needs to have to be able to qualify for your event. Pricing is available per class or per show overall, or based on number of events.


Our software is out of the box ready for PayPal. All we need is your PayPal email and you’re set to go. Other options for payment are available upon request.

  • PayPal ready

  • Multiple Payment Methods

  • Credit Card or Debit

We have a huge amount of experience processing payments effectively and securely. Our software is able to handle any kind of payment method or payment structure. Feel free to ask about our other payment options during your appointment with us.

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One of the greatest issues in Registering Athletes for an event is the difficulty and errors that can occur. Our software eliminates any potential issues, duplicate registrations, confusion in what the Athlete is registering for and any other pitfalls.

  • Multi Tier Pricing

  • Single or Multi-select

  • Error-free registration

Promote your next Bodybuilding event in confidence knowing that we’ve got you covered. Let your athletes register simply and effectively, and get your check-in process streamlined.

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Intuitive Actions

Our software allows you to add registration classes that limit the number of potential cross classes.  In this instance if the user selects one registration option they are no longer allowed to select any others from this class. Alternatively with others, multiple class selection is allowed.

Register quickly with ease

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